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A New Haggerty Novel is here!!!!
Puzzle Pieces
Released November 2015!!!!

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Betsy Brannon Green

If you're not familiar with my books, I write mystery-suspense novels. I am LDS (Mormon) and so are some of my characters, but I have loyal readers from many different faiths. My goal is to engage the reader in my books. I want to make them laugh and cry and worry and dread the end.

My most popular series is set in the fictional town of Haggerty, Georgia - which is loosely based on my grandparents' hometown of Headland, Alabama (the most wonderful place on earth).  I also have the Duty Series, the Eureka Series, and the Kennedy Killingsworth Series.
Each book has an ample supply of romance, suspense, Southern hospitality and even recipies! To see the publication order please check out the LDS Books page.

I also have a new self-published book called Pivot Point. It is available through my website and on (there is also a Kindle version) and in some LDS bookstores. You can read a brief description to the right. If you'd like to read an excerpt from the first chapter, go to my Self-Published Books page. 













 Puzzle Pieces - This newest Haggerty book introduces several new characters - Presley DeGraff, an attorney from Columbus, Ohio who arrives in town under mysterious circumstances. Three cousins - Wyatt, Patrick and Mac - who all touch Presley's life. Violet Newberry - Presley's aunt. And, of course, there is a dead body. With help from Miss Eugenia and other Haggerty residents Presley is able to piece together a puzzle from the past - and the puzzle of her own future as well.

Danger Ahead - This book picks up where Proceed with Caution ended. Brooke and Hunter are in the DA's office where he finds out that she has been dishonest with him. She is determined to convince him that she has changed, but her old boyfriend, Rex, shows up to complicate things. Detective Napier offers her a chance to square herself with the law - but the price is her personal safety. Then the real test of their love comes when they find out that her uncle and his team are in mortal danger. 

Proceed with Caution - This is a continuation of my Hazardous Duty series. It 'stars' Dane's neice Brooke Clayton and features Dane and the team. Brooke is an animal rights activist and she witnesses abuses by a poultry company. She gives her pictures to the Nashville DA and agrees to testify at the hearing. But then her life is threatened, and the lives of her family. Her only option is to hide until after the hearing. And before long it seems she is hiding from everyone.

The Art of Motherhood - A compilation of stories just in time for Mothers' Day! It is a beautiful book - just the pictures are worth the purchase price! And the stories are amazing.

Pivot Point (Non-LDS, Self-published) - Meghan Collins is a successful pediatrician, happily married and well-respected in the Atlanta community. She's satisfied with her life. Until she meets Dr. Pierce Morrow - a Nobel Prize winning scientist. He has developed a dream therapy that allows people to return to a pivotal point in their lives - just through dreams - and try a different path. What if they had chosen another college, another career, another spouse? It seems fantasical, impossible, and even foolish. But Meghan has been haunted for ten years by a decision she made as a teenager. Maybe this is the chance for her to find out how different her life could have been. Her husband advises against it. Her mind tells her it's unwise. But her heart can't resist the chance to know. So she becomes a dream therapy client and returns to her Pivot Point.
Novels Published by Covenant Communications -
Murder by the Way  - Third book in the Kennedy Killingsworth series!
How Will Christmas Find Us? - It has true stories from 12 authors.

Murder by Design Sequel to Murder by the Book.
Murder by the Book  Introducing the new town of MIdway.

Duty Series - Hazardous Duty, Above and Beyond, Code of Honor.

Haggerty Series - Hearts in Hiding (my first book).

Eureka Series - Never Look Back, Don't Close Your Eyes, Foul Play

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